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  • A Crisis Weathered, Full Sail Ahead - WA#37
    A Crisis Weathered, Full Sail Ahead - WA#37


  • Prices slid from November 2019, when covid became a pandemic in Wuhan, through February 2021. Since they have enjoyed a sustained recovery. China, the main market, has restricted access of Ecuadoran shrimp. Exporters reacted placing more shrimp in the U.S. and Europe. (WA#37)

  • Growth of non-oil exports keep expanding, thanks to metals. Measured in rolling 12-month periods, they increased by 11.0% y-o-y to June, a faster clip than a year ago, when they rose by 9.7%. (WA#34)

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    The shrimp business received a devastating blow with the recurrent rejection of shrimp shipments by Chinese customs, pretexting White Spot in containers, or preferably since last year, that they carried traces of coronavirus DNA. This rejection was accompanied with a campaign against the prestige of Ecuadoran shrimp. Ecuadoran producers and exp...


    The IMF disbursed its extraordinary SDR allocation, and stands in the monetary reserves and the government account with BCE. It provides a much-needed boost to government finances, as disbursement of expected funds from the IMF and other multilaterals is withheld until the renegotiation of the economic program is ended and the IMF carries out the A...


    The 2021 bill of the budget, far from clarifying the economic policy that the new government will adopt, poses new questions. There is evidence of a mismatch between the campaign offers and the policies that the Ministry of Finance intends to apply. Gradualism has been adopted in fiscal adjustment. It will take the government 4 years to get the ...