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  • Manufacturers: Recessive Quarter - WA#08
    Manufacturers: Recessive Quarter - WA#08

    February indicators overview

  • Sales fell -12.8% y-o-y in December. Those of manufactures -13.1%, commerce -13.8%, lodging & catering -41.5%. CIP estimates a -10.3% Q1 sales drop. (WA#08)

  • Arauz wins throughout the Coast and Imbabura, Yaku Pérez throughout the Central and South Highlands and the Amazon. Hervas in Carchi, Lasso wins in Pichincha and Galapagos. (WA#07)

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Weekly Analysis Briefs


    The Industry and Production Chamber issued a gloomy forecast for the first quarter, largely on account of the sales drop due to the pandemic. Vaccine doses are being delivered in minute numbers. While other countries are seeing herd immunity for the end of the summer, in Ecuador the vaccination campaign has yet to start. Another factor weighing ...


    The February 7 election results were frustrating for all leading candidates: Correa expected Arauz to win outright, and he fell far short of that. Lasso´s showing was a far cry from what his polls said, and barely qualified from the run off. Pérez had a very good showing, but not enough to make the run-off. Early expectations of a political cove...


    Transparency International just published in 2020 Corruption Perceptions Index, and the Moreno administration´s strides in reducing corruption are highlighted. Similarly, American Heritage stresses the current administration´s successes in freeing the economy. Meanwhile, the Assembly approved an anti-corruption law that expressly mentions the need ...