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  • Coming: Freer Trade - WA#20
    Coming: Freer Trade - WA#20

    Foreign trade first quarter

  • Non-oil exports grew 5.2% as of March in rolling 12-month periods. Behind this slowdown there are declining exports of shrimp as China target shrimp and other seafood imports as threat to the re-import of the China-originated Covid virus. (WA#20)

  • Since 2017, the indicator for cash and deposits abroad has stabilized at an average of 23.7%. Since December 2020, there has been an additional decrease, reaching 22.0% in April 2021. Banks significantly reduced their deposits abroad (-25.2%) while increasing local cash by 6.8 %. (WA#19)

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    The choice between Lasso and Arauz was particularly stark concerning trade: lower barrier to imports, boost exports, more trade agreements, said Lasso; restrict imports, tax them more and also exports, favor agreements with governments with the same political agenda, said Arauz. The election was a vote to open the economy up. In the first quarte...


    After a fierce political dispute and three failed attempts since October 2019, the Law for the Defense of Dollarization was approved. The heart of the law is not to allow the issuance ecuadollars. Correa issued $7B of ecuadollars that merged into the monetary mass. The expansion of the BCE's balance sheet is a risk for the sustainability of dollari...


    Lasso is on the record considering that the development of mining is key to his economic program, but that mining should heed the strictest environmental standards and certain practices banned, such as open pit mining. For mining to take off, he has to solve several complex issues, a major one being lawlessness, with illegal mining wherever gold de...