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  • Opportunities in 2018 - WA#07
    Opportunities in 2018 - WA#07

    Financial statements for 2017

  • Net insurance premiums went up to $1.6 bn in 2017, expansion of .9% y-o-y. In terms of the size of the economy, premiums expanded less than the economy, so their ratio to GDP fell to 1.63%. (WA#07)

  • At the fourth quarter of 2017, 174 k more adequate jobs were created than one year ago, for a total of 3.4 mn jobs. Their share in PEA went up 1.1 percentage points to 42.3%, but they still fail to reach levels prior to the crisis of 2016 (47.9% at December of 2013). (WA#06)

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  • 07.- OPPORTUNITIES IN 2018

    Since 2009, the public sector must purchase coverage for all its assets directly from State-owned insurance companies. Although this allowed public insurance companies to expand faster than the rest during the economic boom, now that public investment is retreating, their premiums are also decreasing the most. The Ecuadoran Federation of Insurance ...


    In a recent interview, president Moreno recalled that his campaign proposal was to create 500 k jobs in four years. The official strategy includes ?intelligently? restricting imports to increase local jobs and allow some employment flexibility. The Ministry of Labor has already approved seven new work contracts. In addition, it created a subsidy fo...


    Funds from the $3 bn contracted in late October were used in two months? time, the Treasury was depleted in late December and early January. Now a new $3 bn bond issue comes to the rescue. February and March are going to be months of plenty. At a hefty cost, however. Optimists say this trend to recur to indebtedness to maintain the economy afloat w...