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  • Adjustment Put Off Again  - WA#45
    Adjustment Put Off Again - WA#45

    2019-22 public finances

  • The total State debt stock (excluding other liabilities) would go from $46.5 bn in 2017 (46.5% of GDP) to $62.0 bn in 2022 (49.7% of GDP). The government considers that the debt will continue to expand in nominal terms and in relation to the size of the economy throughout the 2019-2022 period. (WA#45)

  • As of September 2018, net insurance premiums increased 7.7% y-o-y to $1,251 mn. In the same period of 2017, they contracted -.7%. (WA#44)

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Weekly Analysis Briefs


    Expenditures of the 2019 Bill of the Budget reach $36.2 bn, $2.0 bn more than the 2018 codified expenditures. Behind this increase are soaring subsidies, due to the reinstatement of 40% the contribution to IESS retiree pensions and higher fuel prices.   The government is committed to gradual adjustment. It seems the President believes the problem...


    So far, 2018 has been good for shrimp. In January-August, exports grew 8.2% y-o-y exclusively due to higher volume; prices fell again. Shrimp aquaculture has steadily increased its productivity, reaching an average production of 5,050 lbs./ha/year, almost triple that of a decade ago.   This successful productive cluster continues to attract inter...


    Bank deposits lose momentum. The new international environment for external financing is deteriorating. The increase by the Fed of the referential interest rate raises the cost of money, extracts capital from emerging countries and strengthens the dollar.   Despite deposit weakness, there is enhanced granting of credit dominantly for consumption....