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  • High Expectations - WA#48
    High Expectations - WA#48

    Foreign trade third quarter

  • The IMF expects that imports will decline in relation to the size of the economy from 3.6% of GDP in 2019 to 3.3% in 2024. This projection is consistent with a slow-growing economy. In nominal terms, total imports would go from $21.1 bn in 2019 to 23.7 bn in 2024. (WA#48)

  • Copper and lead concentrate exports usually are in the $2 mn -$3 mn a month range, and will take off in November with EcuaCorriente exports start. (WA#45)

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    The government has become more active in its commercial policy, seeking greater openness towards the world. The official objective is to move from a protectionist scheme, closed and focused on domestic consumption, towards an open one that promotes exports and investment. To boost the economy by reducing production costs, it has decreed several tar...


    There were 45 days of setback after setback: withdrawal of the fuel hike, defeat of the tax bill, Indian uprising and Correa attempted coup, shutdown of oil output, suspension of IFM disbursements and country risk shooting up. But since the 22nd, the authorities are staging a comeback. A new tax bill is having a smoother sailing the in the Assembly...


    A new Commercial Code is in force that modified the operation of the insurers and causes concern. On the other hand, the unfavorable tax treatment of reinsurance remains unresolved. The ISD is levied even upon securities that do not leave the country and makes insurance more expensive for the public. Amid a severe fiscal tightness, the Moreno ad...